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A new edition has been released of:

Longing for Darkness: Tara and the Black Madonna
with a new introduction by China.
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Sally Cuneen reviews both books in the National Catholic Reporter


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The Keepers of Love

The Keepers of Love is the vehicle for China Galland’s ongoing non-profit work. The Center for Art and Education (C.A.R.E.) at Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union is its fiscal sponsor. China is also a Professor in Residence at C.A.R.E. The work of The Keepers of Love includes advocacy and activism as well as documentation and research in the fields of racial, environmental and religious reconciliation. KOL believes that such reconciliation is needed in order to build an “unprecedented United States,” to quote the Creole Poets, a little known group of mixed-race visionary poets from New Orleans who were active in the years following the Civil War. Current projects of KOL include:

• Participating in local community efforts to regain access to Love Cemetery in Scottsville, Texas, which has now triggered an investigation by the state of Texas into widespread denials of access in a number of predominantly black cemeteries.

• Producing a documentary video for broadcast partially based on Galland’s book, Love Cemetery, as well as on the events that are currently unfolding throughout Texas and other states. The film treats the immediate struggle of the descendants of a group of African-American farmers, most of who had been born in slavery, to reclaim their ancestral burial ground as an example of slavery’s long shadow and of the need to confront our buried American history if we are ever to share a future.

• Participating in the planning of a national conference on race and reconciliation with the ATRR (Association for Truth and Racial Reconciliation) that will take place at the University of Mississippi’s William Winter Center.

• Developing curricula for graduate field-work for clergy-in-training in the areas of social, racial and environmental justice.

All of this work can only happen with the support of like-minded individuals and charitable foundations. If you would like to contribute to the Keepers of Love, you may use the PayPal button below, or mail a check, made out to The Center for Art and Education (C.A.R.E.) with The Keepers of Love in the memo line, to:

The Keepers of Love, 20 Sunnyside Ave, Mill Valley CA 94941

For further info contact: chinagalland@yahoo.com